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Team Members

Hubert Roguski

Polish architect and product designer Hubert Roguski takes an innovative approach to map design. His studies at Warsaw University of Technology and at University of Tokyo allowed him to approach his creation from various viewpoints. He has a distinctive style that blends traditional minimalist style together with modern perspective of the metropolitan cartographer. Through his art, he substantiate the value of hand made act on natural wooden materials.

Marta Sacha

Marta has been working with us for many years bringing ideas from the world of architecture. She is a talented architect and idea creator.

Custom Cut Map

CityWood is a high-quality minimalist wooden cut map for map lovers, created with a laser-cut precision. Simple and elegant, the abstraction of streets invites to take a second look at this artwork.


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For Press questions, we have prepared a Press Kit. Feel free to use it.

CityWood Press Kit