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Paris - Wooden Map Wall Art

Paris - Wooden Map Wall Art

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Unique one-of-a-kind artwork

Notice: The aforementioned artwork has been acquired. Should you have an interest in commissioning a similar piece, kindly initiate communication prior to placing an order.

Paris - Wooden Map Wall Art

Hubert Roguski has once again elevated the fusion of geography and art with his innovative map series, rendering urban landscapes into wooden masterpieces. One such creation is the Paris wooden map wall art, an intricate orchestration of wooden layers and street patterns that vividly bring the city to life.

The map's sheer size, at 72"x72", demands attention. Composed of nine individual 24"x24" tiles, each segment serves as a stand-alone piece of art, yet they come together to form a majestic cityscape. "Each tile is a narrative, every line a story, and the cityscape, a grand chronicle," muses Roguski.

The map is encased in a sleek black frame, contrasting the warm brown of the wooden layers, enhancing their natural beauty. Each tile is ready to mount.

"I see the city not just as a physical entity but as an organic, living organism, its streets, its veins. The layers are the epochs that have passed, each bearing their unique patterns," explains Roguski. 

This map forms part of the 'Metropolisseries by Roguski, each piece transforming cities like New York, London, Barcelona, Paris, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Los Angeles into exquisite works of art. This series was showcased in an art studio exhibition, capturing the imagination of critics and viewers alike.


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